First day of preschool…

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The first day of preschool is a harrowing time not only for children but for moms and dads too. First things first: expect some tears!! This is quite normal not only for the first day but even for the first month!! A new environment and new routine can be quite overwhelming for your little one but the most important factor here to remember is this: THEY WILL GET USED TO IT. Even if your child does not cry on the first or the second day and only on the third day, this is still very normal and doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong at the school, its just your little one adjusting. Even the most gung ho , outgoing little person may at some point have a little wobbly at the prospect of an entire day without mommy and daddy. This is equally as hard on moms and dads, its heart wrenching to see your little one upset and our natural instinct is to comfort them straight away. I have two children so I know this feeling very well, and my best advice to you is, trust your the teacher and trust the school, we know what we are doing and we do it well. Most times little ones will play up because mom and dad around, it is quite comical to see them transform into a completely different child once mom and dad have left for work. The tears dry up and they get on with their day. That said the best thing you can do for your little one is called the drop and go. Walk them in, give them a kiss goodbye and assure them you will be back to pick them up in the afternoon, and then leave. Even if they are crying. I promise you they will calm down and get on with it very shortly after you leave. I have seen some parents that prefer to try calm their child them self and sit at the table trying to distract them, this does not work, as long as you are there your child will cling to you and you will only be prolonging the the awaited MOOOOOOMMMMMYYYYY when you leave in any case. This is also not fair on the other children in the group and disruptive for the teacher. Drop and go, moms and dads, drop and go. Another thing some parents are prone to is the ol’ sneak off while your child is distracted. While this makes you feel better, it doesn’t make your child feel better at all, the tears will still come and I have found that its actually harder for those children to settle quickly, because you have not said goodbye. In their little minds, you have not left and you are still somewhere where they cant see you and they need to find you! The process is just a lot longer in this case. A firm goodbye, i love you, i will be back soon will do. Parents also need to be aware that while bribery is wonderful tool to make parenting easier, its also very easy to fall into the trap of it. Promising your child new toys or sweets to not cry, only promotes the behaviour as they know that if they do cry, they will be bribed not to. Rather on the days that they are calmer and reward them for it. Tell them how proud you are that they walked into school all by them self and what a good job they did. This will go way further than a bribe. Finally if you are still a little upset from the morning tears then send a little WhatsApp or a quick phone call to the school to check up on them. I encourage the parents at my school to reach out to me anytime, i would be more than happy to send you photos or little videos of your child to put your mind at ease that they have in fact calmed down and are happy as Larry. Try avoid asking to speak to your child’s teacher though if you do call, just ask whoever answers if they could check up on your child. By calling for the teacher you will not only disrupt her class time but also take her away from the children , including your own!! I hope that you have found this post helpful, i will try and post often with tips and advice for parents but for now, deep breaths moms and dads, we got you xxxxx

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