stronger together

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in this time of uncertainty and strife not only in our nation but globally, it is important to make our littles feel loved and safe. limit the amount of media they have access to and save the politics talks for when they are out of earshot. Sometimes we dont realise exactly how much our child actually hears and absorbs and many things will be difficult for them to understand, it is our duty to protect them from this as much as possible. Children can display trauma in a number of ways and acting out is a major red flag that there is something bothering them. instead of dismissing them as being naughty, try get to the root cause. Use phrases like ‘I know you are feeling frustrated, do you want to tell me whats going on?’ or ‘ sometimes i feel sad and thats ok, tell me how you feel’. Reassure your child that you will always protect them and make sure that they feel loved and secure. Speak to your child about emergencies and what your family protocol would be if any situation that they mention, arises. This will help them feel more prepared and less scared of the unknown. Stronger together is not just about standing with your community, but standing with your family too. Let your child know your family unit is strong and safe. Children that act out are usually seeking some sort of interaction, make sure to use this instance for positives, not negatives. Instead of saying ‘you are so naughty’ try saying ‘ lets take a deep breath and think about what we are doing’. Given the choice to correct their own  behaviour allows your child to hone their problem solving skills and they will always opt for positive. Focusing on your child in this way will not only give them a sense of security but it will also prevent you feeling like pulling out your hair. You will notice that when you are asking your child to apply a better technique, you yourself will also be. Lead by example, Lead with love. #lovethejourney

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