Our Mission is support young children in reaching their full potential by providing a vibrant and innovative learning community. It is our belief that exploration , creativity and collaboration inspire the healthy development of a child's physical, social, emotional and cognitive capacities.



To achieve our mission , we strive to create a safe, accepting , and inviting environment that encourages children to be curious, take risks and enjoy new experiences. We respect the pace of childhood and understand that true exploration, creativity, and learning takes time. Our experienced and well trained staff encourages the children to think creativity and transform ideas into action through co-operation and collaboration with peers and teachers. The purposeful use of a variety of classroom material is central to this process. We value the involvement of parents and extended family members and understand that a child's development has its roots firmly planted in their home lives, their communities, and their cultures. We engage the help of parents in achieving our mission by partnering with them as we work with their children to foster positive growth and by welcoming them openly into the life of the school.



Our Motto is LET OUR STORY BEGIN, not only is this the beginning of your child's journey with our school but also the start of your child's educational journey of which we strive to be a solid foundation to foster that journey through out their schooling career.



The curriculum for each of our programs is based on appropriate developmental goals for the age group served. We begin with the knowledge that children are naturally curious and capable. Children are encouraged to form their own hypotheses and to seek answers to their questions. Long before they can read and write children naturally engage in complex thinking. Teachers support this by providing a rich variety of art materials and activity areas that stir children's imaginations and allow them to express their ideas. To a large degree, this complicated process looks like play. Through close and careful observation, teachers are able to guide students in their exploration, encouraging the extension of play ideas toward new areas of discovery.

Each day, in every classroom, children are given activities, with which they develop meaningful relationships with peers and teachers, strong communication skills and a sense of empathy. Students gain self-confidence by using problem solving skills, developing flexibility in their thinking and finding creative ways to express themselves. As the children become developmentally more ready, challenges are increased so that by time a child is in Grade one, they are able to manage themselves successfully throughout a complex school day filled with lessons requiring focused attention, transitions from activity to activity and the need to work both collaboratively and independently with teachers and peers. In all of our programs, whether serving twos, threes, fours, grade 00 or grade 0, emphasis is placed on the age-appropriateness of the learning environment so that the unique qualities and learning potential of young children at each age can be fully developed. As a result our children form deep love of learning that moves with them to primary school and beyond. Children will be provided with a note book on their first day for parent teacher communication and updates.